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Route to date –

England – ferry to: France – Germany – Austria – Italy – Slovenia – Croatia – Montenegro – Albania – Montenegro – Greece – Turkey – Syria – Turkey – Iran – Pakistan – India – Nepal – airfreight to: Thailand – Cambodia – Laos – Thailand – Malaysia – seafreight to: New Zealand – airfreight to: Australia – seafreight to: East Timor – Indonesia – seafreight to: Malaysia – Singapore – seafreight to: Chile – Argentina – Uruguay – Brazil – Paraguay – Argentina – Chile – Argentina – Bolivia – Peru – Seafreight BMW to Germany; fly to USA and purchase Suzuki DR650 USA(inc Alaska) – Canada – USA – Mexico – Belize – Guatemala – El Salvador – Honduras – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Panama – Colombia – Ecuador – Peru – Bolivia – Chile – Argentina – Chile – Bolivia – Brazil – French Guiana – Suriname – Guyana – Brazil – Venezuela – Colombia – Airfreight to Miami, USA – East coast USA to Boston (DR650 sold)Fly to UK

(DRZ400) – France – Switzerland – Italy – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia & Herzegovena – Montenegro – Serbia – Bulgaria – Turkey – Georgia – Russia (inc Chechnya & Dagestan) – Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan – Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan – Russia (Altai Republic – Siberia – Far Eastern Russia) – Mongolia – Russia – Ukraine – Poland – Germany – Netherlands – Belgium – France

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  1. Werner

    Hi Adam!

    We hope you are well and the journey is going strong!

    Greetings from Perth Werner+Claudia

  2. Sarah Lewis

    Hiya my friend
    Sounds like you are still having a superb time ! Hope you havent run out of money yet, and i love the new website !
    Take care….SO looking forward to catching up…if of course you come back !
    love Sarah (and Ricky and Holly !) xx

  3. Francis Chin

    Hi, didn’t know you were passing Singapore a short while ago until I read the book Adventure Motorcycling by Robert Wicks. I’m reviewing the book for our Web site (www.ns.sg), and I’m putting in a mention of both of you riding round the world. Do you have a photo of either of you on your bike with the Singapore scene in the background, that I can use? I saw the pics you posted but they are just generic Singapore scenes. Thanks, Francis Chin

  4. Claudio

    Hey buddy

    keep the rubber up! I’ll be back in Switzerland from June 10 on, so if u make over the channel, you r most welcome.

    C U


  5. Frankie Finn

    Hey Adam,

    I have been looking everywhere for a way to get in contact with you directly but hopefully this finds its way to you. I would really like to bend your ear about a project that I am working on where I could really benefit from your knowledge and experience. The project includes a ride across America and back via trails and roads as a way to generate donations for cancer research. I have read your story several times and it along with another story called the Tokyo to London Project were the inspiration for the start of my own adventure.

    I understand that everyone leads busy lives but I would really appreciate a little guidance to help me make this ride a reality!

    Thanks and keep up the riding!


  6. Ana Luisa

    Hi, Adam, I hope you made to Zacatecas a soon as you want, and hope you don’t have to suffer the cold, well, have a safe trip and the Virgen de Guadalupe guide your way in Mexico. Remember Tepehuanes nigth tacos whith Señora Paca.
    Be safe always.
    Ana Luisa

  7. Nick Jones

    Come on son, sort ya map out…..! :oD