Chapter 5 – Axis of Evil?

Turkey – Syria – Iran This year Turkey is suffering from a greatly reduced number of tourists; something everyone is putting down to the bad publicity surrounding ‘Bird Flu’. As…

Chapter 4 – Visas, Tyres and a tug for speeding!

Turkey We were hoping to ride from Lake Ohrid (Macedonia) Gallipoli (Turkey) today but knew it would be a long shot given the two border crossings. Having collected bagels and…

Chapter 3 – Hidden Jewel

  Montenegro – Albania – Macedonia   Entering Montenegro was the first time we had had to do anything other than show our passports in order to enter. First there…

Chapter 2 – Bring on the Sunshine!

  Croatia After crossing the border into Croatia, we headed straight for Rijeka and the coastal road south. My initial thoughts of this road were that it reminded me of…

Chapter 1 – Road closed and Snowboarding

  England – France – Germany – Austria – Italy – Slovenia Departure Day – Friday 17th March 2006 After 21 months of planning, departure day was finally upon us…

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