Chapter 28 – The Altiplano

December 24, 2011

Trip distance and Time trip correct at La Paz, Bolivia on 28/11/11

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Continued from Chapter 27…

After a painless border crossing at Copacabana (I’d exited Bolivia there in 2009 and so knew the system) I rode on to La Paz only to arrive at Hostel El Careterro just as Mark & Claire appeared on foot to take a look at the place. They’d been staying elsewhere but soon moved when they realized how much they could save my moving to El Careterro.

Bolivian policeman Amadeo Condori was impressed with Rosie!

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Chapter 18 – South America-south

May 6, 2009

I hadn’t been so nervous in as long as I can remember and I wasn’t even on my bike. My throttle had been replaced by a microphone and the road ahead by 350 Brazilian High School students. Vanir, their English teacher had heard about me talking to the kids at my friend’s son’s school and had asked me if I’d do the same for her senior school. When she said it would mean so much to them I could see in her eyes that she meant it and was obviously passionate about giving the students something new and out of the ordinary to think about; afterall “Nobody comes to Avaré”. I could hardly refuse but after saying I didn’t fancy repeating myself visiting 10 classrooms I inadvertently set myself up for addressing them all together. DOH! Public enemy No1 = Public Speaking! AAARRRHHH!!! Avaré. 250km west of Sao Paulo and home to 75,000 people, including my old schoolmate and fellow pub pool team player, Robert Adair (Bob). Back in NZ I’d received an email from Bob saying he was now living in Brazil with his Brazilian partner Cecilia and young son Jorge and inviting me to visit should I make it to Brazil. It took me a while but I finally made it…

…continued in Chapter 18…


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