SWR Special – ‘Bikepacking the Himalaya’

14 days – 656km – 7 x 4900m+ passes – endless river crossings – snow – sleet – ice – heat exhaustion – diarrhea – solo – on a bicycle… Prologue The big orange sticker on the cover of Mountain Biking UK staring down at me […]


Chapter 34 – The Western BAM

[NB: Distance and time trips not updated this chapter] With so much going on everyday my diary notes are a little ‘thin’ for the period I spent in Siberia and so I’ve used photo’s and written a daily account of events in a kind of […]

Naryn - Tosor road

Chapter 33 – Altai Adventure

It was a slow, snowy, slushy, muddy descent from the pass and I was conscious of the pain in my back after picking my bike up off the ground at the border. Unsure if I had the strength to pick it up again should I […]

Yashikul - M41 Pamir Highway via Ak Jar

Chapter 32 – ‘The Roof of the World’

Tajikistan Along with the change of country came a change of weather and as I followed the straight, smooth ribbon of tarmac along the wide valley so there was a storm brewing to the north.


Chapter 31 – Silk Roads to Siberia

England – Uzbekistan The long cold winter stretched all the way to Istanbul. The snowline throughout the Alps was still as low as 600m ski resorts normally looking sad and forlorn by mid-April still had plenty of snow and the car parks were full of […]


Chapter 30 – 2012: A Year in Transition

Indian Summer   “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Delhi International Airport where the time is 0320 and the outside air temperature 36°C (97°F)” …WTF!!! I was on my way to Manali, set amongst the foothills of the Indian Himalaya where I was to […]


Chapter 29 – Welcome to the Jungle…

…”we got fun ‘n’ games”. The bugs ate me alive, I broke my speedometer, tent, laptop, sleeping pad and got stuck in Brazilian customs. Oh…and then there were the snakes…Fun ‘n’ games? Oh yeah…


Chapter 28 – The Altiplano

Trip distance and Time trip correct at La Paz, Bolivia on 28/11/11 More photos in the galleries Bolivia 2011 – Chile 2011 – Argentina 2011 The motorcyclists amongst you may also like the ‘Trails of South America…a photo journal’ gallery which supports my ADV Rider […]


Chapter 27 – “Here comes the sun…do do do do…”

Trip distance and Time trip correct at Peru/Bolivia border 11/08/11 More photos in the Peru 2011 gallery The motorcyclists amongst you may also like the ‘Trails of South America…a photo journal’ gallery which supports my ADV Rider thread Peru When I first properly looked at the […]