Chapter 4 – Visas, Tyres and a tug for speeding!

May 9, 2006


We were hoping to ride from Lake Ohrid (Macedonia) Gallipoli (Turkey) today but knew it would be a long shot given the two border crossings. Having collected bagels and bananas we left town at 0745.

At the Macedonian border they wanted to see our ‘Green cards’ – we didn’t have any. This caused rather a fuss as they couldn’t understand how we’d been let in without them. Obviously the ‘She Devil’ had been a little slack when we’d entered. It was a bit late now though – we were leaving! A stale mate arose and nothing happened for seemingly ages until one of the customs guys mentioned Chelsea. Danny said ‘No, no – Arsenal!’ and following a bit of banter we were on our way. Maybe I’ll have to learn to speak ‘Football’ – not something that comes easily to my family. In a recent e-mail from my sister, following a trip to Barcelona where her and her boyfriend went to see Barcelona vs. Villa Real, she said that ‘Paul was disappointed that ‘Ron someone’ hadn’t played’. …continued in Chapter 4…


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